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Durability Meets Design with Affordable Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring in Buford, GA

Create the look you want with added durability, at a more competitive cost with our selections of laminate flooring in Buford, GA. Visit the showroom at A&R Flooring America to chat with the experts about the renovation space you're working with and your design goals. We proudly offer comprehensive services ranging from custom measurements to product selection and even professional installations. Once associated with areas such as the bathroom, kitchen, or entryway, laminate floors are also a great option for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. Discover the wonderful advancements that have elevated laminate flooring to the spotlight in recent years and get started on your flooring upgrade. 

As part of the Flooring America family, we have access to 500-store buying power across the nation and only supply high-quality materials from the country's best manufacturers. Visit our Buford, GA showroom today or begin browsing online to find our current inventory of select brands, such as:

  • Mohawk
  • Mannington
  • Shaw Floors
  • Floorcraft Maysville H2O 
  • Floorcraft Maysville

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Laminate Replicates Your Favorite Flooring Products

Bring your creative design to life while keeping your spending in check with laminate. From elegant hickory and stylish birch to gorgeous slate, today’s laminates deliver the authentic look of your favorite surface materials while keeping all of the durability that laminate is known to possess. You can enjoy the look of solid wood in high-moisture rooms without worrying about unnecessary damage.

Laminate is strong, scratch-resistant, and very durable. The underlayment that comes with the floor acts as a strong moisture barrier that protects the floor from damage. This laminate flooring underlayment also prevents mold from forming so your spaces are healthier and cleaner.

There are many different underlayment options for you to choose from when it comes time to pick out your laminate floor. These options include felt, cork, and foam, and come in varying degrees of thickness so you can have the right level of protection you need for your space.

What Exactly is Laminate?

A popular hardwood flooring alternative, laminate sports a solid appearance and contains four distinct layers. Due to its low cost, laminate is a fantastic choice for larger homes or commercial office spaces. Laminate flooring is manufactured with a base that protects against moisture and a core that can withstand heavy foot traffic. The wear is typically compounded with melanin resin and aluminum oxide; elements that protect your floor from stains and other markings. The top layer is decorative, allowing for a variety of patterns that can realistically mimic wood or stone.

Using either the direct or high-pressure method, laminate flooring is manufactured to produce beauty and resiliency for your home. With the high-pressure method, individual layers are fused for increased density. This method is popular for commercial sites where intensive use occurs. Alternatively, the direct-pressure method creates common laminate selections for households and general living spaces.

The differentiating factor between laminate and other natural flooring alternatives such as vinyl rests in the four layers inside the final product. Starting with the base and core layers, these provide the density for withstanding foot traffic and placement over the subfloor. Next, the decorative layer allows any replica image to be applied with advanced technology. Finally, the wear layer seals the image and overall flooring from stains and damage. You can sort between textures such as enhanced wood grain, embossed register, or browse our custom styles.

Easy Installation for This Low-Maintenance Flooring

Place your complete confidence in our professionals to install your laminate flooring. We simplify the process of installing your laminate floor, no matter what type of subfloor you have in your home. Once installed by our professionals, the result is a strong, durable floor that perfectly mimics whatever look you want for your space.

Count on our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee for all of your flooring products and services. This unprecedented warranty offers you comprehensive coverage that will ensure your purchasing confidence. For select laminate flooring products, we have a plethora of guarantees that ensure you always get the floor you expect with the value to match. For example, included with our installation service is a lifetime guarantee. If you find a fault in your flooring installation, we will correct any problems at no additional cost to you.

As always, our sales associates are on hand to discuss additional warranties and guarantees that come with your purchase. After all, we are completely committed to your absolute satisfaction.

Contact us to learn more about all our flooring selections. Our consultations and installation services are available to customers located throughout Buford, Sugar Hill, Flowery Branch, and Cumming, Georgia, among surrounding areas.


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